Parker Kay


263 Adelaide Street West, Studio 320
Toronto, ON M5H 1Y2

The Centre for Experimental Research

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Oceans → Islands → Archipelagos → Ecosystems

Deserts → Oasis → Sandstone → Aquifers → Life

Flexibility → Support → Love → Generosity → Empathy


An sentimental research project, by Parker Kay and Stephane Gaulin-Brown, on a cabin in Cobble Hill, BC

The house in this project was designed and built by Susan Brown in the woods of Vancouver Island. She is not a trained architect, designer or builder. This house is compelling to observe because the design has grown without drawings, consultants or even a rigid plan. It does not brandish its facade as a sign, nor hide a secret ideology within its design, but attempts only to rectify the geometry of the built material and the space of daily life. The result is that distinct geometric patterns emerge within the aesthetic. Any window, door, or wall has been assigned its location with incredible care and forethought. The space is designed. This sentimental case study attempts to draw out from the worn aesthetics of rural cabin architecture the true genus loci (spirit of the space) and the essential in this true architecture.